“The mission of The Onesimus Connection is to help individuals

discover their true identity as they walk in authenticity."



We exist for the purpose of helping individuals build a foundation of authenticity and true identity while finding healing and freedom from life controlling issues.


This mission is accomplished by individual and group interaction through all possible avenues of communication and technology.


We value, respect and accept individuals unconditionally while providing them a life changing journey of grace thus enabling them to experience genuine intimacy in all their relationships while equipping them to move forward in their true identity.


 "Your mistakes do not define you;

  They are meant to guide you."


SEXUAL ADDICTION - Sexual Addiction is epidemic in our society today and affects people of all cultures, social status and religions. This is a devastating problem which needs to be addressed and treated. Bill Nichols, who has been working in this area for years, has certificates in treating sexual compulsive behaviors & counselling for sexual addictions. This program is for those dealing with inappropriate sexual behavior and sexual addiction issues. This Life Coachng compliments what an individual learns in "counseling" & “Recovery Groups” and are conducted by telephone or over the internet via Skype. 

Program Topics Covered: Defining Sexual Addiction - Levels of Addiction - Signs of Sexual Addiction - The Shame-Based Self - Stages of Sexual Addiction - The Cycle of Addiction - Triggers and Cues - The Power of Secrecy - Seven Motivators of Sexual Addiction - Setting Boundaries - The Wounded Self - Faulty Beliefs - Retraining the Brain -Dispelling Myths - Breaking Soul Ties - The Father Wound - Breaking Strongholds - Intimacy Disorder - Barriers to Intimacy - The Johari Window - Grieving Process – Core Beliefs - Anger & Resentment Issues - Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy - Forgiveness & Trust Issues - Self Esteem Issues - Accountability & Relationships.  *BE SURE to read information under the “Life Controlling Issues” tab also.

Sexual Addiction Self-Assessment:

Patrick Carnes, one of the nation's leading experts on addiction, has developed the S.A.F.E. Formula that is suggested as a guideline. Signs of compulsive sexuality are when the behavior can be described as follows:

It is a Secret. Anything that cannot pass public scrutiny will create the shame of a double life.

It is Abusive to self or others. Anything that is exploitive or harmful to others or degrades oneself will activate the addictive systems.

It is is used to avoid or is a source of painful Feelings. If sexuality is used to alter moods or results in painful mood shifts, it is clearly part of the addictive process. 

It is Empty of a caring, committed relationship. Fundamental to the whole concept of addiction and recovery is the healthy dimension of human relationships. The addict runs a great risk by being sexual
outside of a committed relationship. 


"Bill excels at helping folks with anger and sexual impurity issues. He has a humble, yet firm approach. He takes his work seriously as a call from God and does a great job!”.  - Douglas R. Doan, MA: Christian Counselor & Personal Life Coach - Growing & Healing Ministries

"I know Bill to be a dedicated and zealous worker in the Kingdom".  -Mark Laaser: President, Faithful and True Ministries, Inc.

 "I have seen many men utilize Bill's expertise. They have shown remarkable growth and stability after investing in a few sessions with Bill. .... In the ten years I have known Bill, he has shown an acute awareness to help his clients see the problem and offer concrete solutions. Bill has been instrumental in offering workshops to the general public for their edification and growth.”.  -Jerry Sinclair: President, Faithful and True of Jacksonville, Inc.