“The mission of The Onesimus Connection is to help individuals

discover their true identity as they walk in authenticity."



We exist for the purpose of helping individuals build a foundation of authenticity and true identity while finding healing and freedom from life controlling issues.


This mission is accomplished by individual and group interaction through all possible avenues of communication and technology.


We value, respect and accept individuals unconditionally while providing them a life changing journey of grace thus enabling them to experience genuine intimacy in all their relationships while equipping them to move forward in their true identity.


 "Your mistakes do not define you;

  They are meant to guide you."


Onesimus Connection offers a Variety of Services:

The Onesimus Connection provides Counseling & Life Coaching particularly in the areas of Anger Management, Identity, relationships and Life Controlling Issues.  We also specialize Ministerial Life Coaching which helps those in ministry move forward while avoiding the typical "pitfalls" which are common to their profession.  FOR MORE DETAILED INFORMATION "Click" on the topic to the RIGHT. 

How Does Coaching Work?

Individual Life Coaching sessions are typically in person via phone & internet.  Internet sessions are conducted over Spype which is a free service you can download to your computer.  It only requires you have video capability on your computer. 

Counseling Services

Counseling sessions may take place in person but can also be conducted  over phone or Skype making it convenient & cost effective while maintaining professionalism & confitendiality.

Group & Webinar Programs may take place in person, by phone, or over internet video.  Directions will be given to you on how to participate when you enroll in one of these programs.

Fees for Sessions & Workshops

The cost of group meetings & workshops are a set amount per session/workshop which may vary dependng upon the workshop. These workshops will normally be over phone or internet video. Consideration may be given to a person’s financial situation when establishing the fee. We do not accept insurance; therefore we make every effort to provide competent, quality, professional life coaching at a cost everyone can afford.