“The mission of The Onesimus Connection is to help individuals

discover their true identity as they walk in authenticity."



We exist for the purpose of helping individuals build a foundation of authenticity and true identity while finding healing and freedom from life controlling issues.


This mission is accomplished by individual and group interaction through all possible avenues of communication and technology.


We value, respect and accept individuals unconditionally while providing them a life changing journey of grace thus enabling them to experience genuine intimacy in all their relationships while equipping them to move forward in their true identity.


 "Your mistakes do not define you;

  They are meant to guide you."

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The Mask We are - The Mask We Become

The “MASK” is defined as: “a covering for all or part of the face, worn to conceal one’s identity”.   We wear them at Halloween, or other events and celebrations to disguise ourselves or to pretend we are something or someone else.  Much of it is done in fun and is an enjoyable experience.

 The sad truth is that many of us have worn a different type of “mask” in life … one that hides who we perceive or fear we are.  We all at some time or another have been “mask wearers” … and some of us still are.

 Someone once said: “The mask we wear disguises much more than the face underneath it, but it hides who we truly are inside and protects our soul from being tainted and torn in shreds by the harsh judgment of others.”* .  . ....... 

. . ........ A few years back I decided that IM DONE with “Mask Wearing”.  I have chosen to walk in authenticity and genuineness of “who I am” and to be “ok” with that.  Since then, I have experienced such a freedom and joy that cannot be explained.  Oh there those each day who keep trying to hand me a mask to wear … and at times I am tempted to put it on. But I am quickly reminded of the “bondage” and “slavery” that comes with mask wearing and I quickly proclaim “NO … I do NOT need to wear that … for THAT is NOT who I am!”

David was a perfect example of one who was told how to act and what to wear when Saul gave him his armor to face the Giant of Goliath.  Though tempted at first to wear that “mask”, David quickly proclaimed “No … this is not who I am”.

I trust that you have discovered the freedom and joy of walking in authenticity and true identity and are not in bondage to “mask wearing”.