“The mission of The Onesimus Connection is to help individuals

discover their true identity as they walk in authenticity."



We exist for the purpose of helping individuals build a foundation of authenticity and true identity while finding healing and freedom from life controlling issues.


This mission is accomplished by individual and group interaction through all possible avenues of communication and technology.


We value, respect and accept individuals unconditionally while providing them a life changing journey of grace thus enabling them to experience genuine intimacy in all their relationships while equipping them to move forward in their true identity.


 "Your mistakes do not define you;

  They are meant to guide you."

Counseling & Life Coaching

A JOURNEY IN SELF DISCOVERY- Our Vision Statement says that "We exist for the purpose of helping individuals build a foundation of authenticity and true identity while finding healing and freedom from lifecontrolling issues". THIS is truly "A Journey in Self Discovery"

COUNSELING/LIFE COACHING- What is the difference between COUNSELING and LIFE COACHING?   Basically “Counseling” looks to the PAST and asks the “WHY” of current behavioral issues while “Life Coaching” looks to the FUTURE asking “WHY NOT” as we make plans and set goals for a more effective and productive life.   It is truly a journey of "Moving Beyond". and"Becoming".

ANGER MANAGEMENT -The goal of anger management Counseling & Life Coaching is not to eliminate anger completely; that is impossible, since it’s a natural human emotion.  The objective is to learn how to control your anger – so that it doesn’t control you or damage important relationships - therefore helping you to "Move Beyond"  anger while enabling you to have a positive and productive life.    As a "Certified Anger Management Professional", Bill Nichols provides Anger Management Counseling & Life Coaching for individuals.

IDENTITY & SELF ESTEEM  - Like the caterpillar, we are all on a journey in life realizing the fulfillment of our TRUE IDENTITY or DNA ... The Butterfly therefore becomes what he was destined to be all along. Identity & Self Esteem Counseling or Life Coaching helps you to discover WHO YOU ARE ... your TRUE DNA ... not what others or even you define yourself  to be.  It is a journey (like that of the caterpillar) of "Becoming" who you are destined to be and walking in what is ALREADY TRUE about you ... it's in your DNA.  We just help you to discover and develop that.

LIFE CONTROLLING ISSUES   Someone once said: “Addiction is present whenever we trust in an object, activity, or person to supply us with our sense of value or meaning and / or to save us from what we fear most.” That is exactly what addictions or "Life Controlling Issues" are – objects, people or activities we turn to on a regular basis in an attempt to find value, self-worth, purpose, or meaning in life.  Counseling & Life Coaching for these Life Controlling Issues is designed to help individuals "Move Beyond" these addictions into a healthy lifestyle.

RELATIONSHIP ISSUES  - We were created for relationship and intimacy.  Relationship Counseling and Life Coaching helps individuals find true authenticity and intimacy within themselves and their relationships therefore helping them to "Move Beyond" the issues of their past and  "Become"  healthy in all their relationships.

PASTOR'S LIFE COACH  -  Serving as a pastor for a number of years, Bill is well aware of the stress and challenges ministers face.  In many cases the pastor has no one they can talk to confidentially in order to help them stay on course.  EVERY pastor or minister would benefit from spending time with a "Professional Christian Life Coach" to help them "Become" all they desire to be in their ministry.  These sessions may be in person BUT are usually conducted via Skype or phone making is convenient and confidential which is essential for pastors.